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Starting Your Own Business

The reason that 95% of Network Marketing Associates and Affiliates will fail within the first six months is not because of the company’s chosen product or service or that your individual sponsors that have left.

But, because the new prospect (you) have engaged into a business that you were not prepared enough to accomplish. In other words, you have set yourself up for failure in the beginning, not your sponsor or even the company. It’s like putting the cart before the pony ride. Losing hope to a much desired dream will always leave a bad impression very quickly, so you eventually quit. Wondering what had happened that made you lose your dream for a better life for yourself. You blame the company for stabbing you in the back, even as far as blaming your previous sponsor for inadequate coaching so that you could have succeeded at your endeavors.


What has actually happened here is that you put your cart before the pony. If you were properly prepared to enter into a business venture, you wouldn’t need your sponsor to coach you anyway. And if your chosen product or service was a sound one, you wouldn’t have needed the sponsoring company either. All that you would have needed to start would have been yourself and your own integrated system that works for you. This is the only thing that separates the successful internet marketer from the rest of the pack.


Become properly prepared BEFORE you engage in an internet marketing business environment. You wouldn’t expect to start practicing law, for example, without proper training. You wouldn’t practice medicine without proper training. You wouldn’t practice anything of a business nature without proper training, I would hope. The online business environment is no different.

To become properly prepared for your venture simply means to become Educated in all facets of the product/service that you intend to engage. Become educated with various marketing techniques that will affect the success of your chosen venture.

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